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Tuesday, August 14, 2007

New Things!

Today was a pretty good day I was able to make use of the skirt that I messed up I made it into a pretty bag! I said yesterday I would post pictures of the skirts I made so here they are! I also signed up for Paint Mine Pink's Cotton-N-Candy Swap! I think this shoudl be really fun. I'm excited. My store is starting to get more things in it so I'm excited about that too. The red skirt is a skirt that I made for my niece. I really hope that she likes it. The black and white skirt is for me. It look alot bigger than it really is. I'm am planning on wearing that to a party. Hopefully people will ask about it, but we'll see.

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Lori said...

Theresa, Glad you came to visit! Your more then welcome to ad me to your list! Did you go to the Coast Guard fstival in Michigan or do you live elsewhere? Keep in touch! Lori